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    • Poor video quality

    • Poor lighting

    • Poor audio quality

    • Difficulty monetizing

    • Stress setting up

If you’ve come to this page you are probably already producing online video content. 

Here are a few ways to improve the quality of your live or produced videos on a budget.

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The number one cause of stress during sessions is underestimating the time needed.  Inevitably there will be unexpected issues that will require attention. This can leave performers feeling fatigued and in a negative head space, impacting the quality of the performance.  Sessions should be set up as early as possible, giving time to do tests to ensure everything is working properly. Making adjustments and taking a break before going live or recording will lead to more success than problem solving mid-session.

Work spaces should be kept clean, not buried in a tangle of cables.  Some thought should be put into the work space needed to ensure it is set up properly, provides the space needed, and serves the purpose of the session.  Making sure someone can walk into the space, sit down, and reach everything needed without stepping over things or potentially tripping is also very important.  Not only will it help streamline work flow, technicians will feel more relaxed and able deliver a higher quality product.

Know the gear.  Easy to say, but hard to do, especially with individuals who tend to learn new things quickly.  Time should be spent with the necessary equipment in advance, experimenting and trying things for no reason other than to try them.  This may unearth some really cool feature, or conversely it might highlight an unanticipated issue with the equipment.  Uncharted territory is never a good place to be mid-session, whereas being prepared is going to give the best opportunity at being comfortable and successful.